Wholesome Parenting: A Guide to a Healthy Development of Your Child

Jul 7, 2021 | Parenting Advice, Parenting Teens, Parenting Tips and advices

Technology has brought many challenges for parents. Particularly, the parents of children and adolescents. They have to keep a check on the online and other daily activities of their kids. They have to be with them when they are in danger and they have to take care of a lot of other requirements of children.

Meanwhile, we see the maximum of the parents doing jobs and business, etc. Sometimes they have to make hard choices between their career and kids. Control and management through a parental control app are one of the most efficient ways of parenting your child.

Some people consider it over-controlling and toxic for the development of a child. But, they are wrong on certain fronts. Here we will discuss three things that mark the importance of the parental control app.

Why A Parental Control App is Important Today?

Sometimes the concern sounds right, that this interference in a child’s life can cause privacy and trust issues. Yes, both a child and an adolescent need their personal space. But who is denying them that?

We would refute this concern by just calling it a misconception. Using a parental app gives your child a sense of security and companionship that enhances their confidence. Plus, as a parent, you have a complete right to choose the domains you want to have control on and you can be flexible in your terms.

The reason is to ensure a complete training of children where they know the importance of maintaining a balance in family time and screen time. And taking care of the family time and values, the FamilyTime Parental Control App takes lead in the field. Before we talk about its features, here is why this app is of ultimate importance today.

  • To Protect Your Kid from Unwanted Information and Data: This era where even a kid has access to every type of information and data, you cannot let your kid be prey. It can be as dangerous as anything for them. There needs to be a proper monitoring system to filter out unwanted material and keep an all-time check over them.
  • To Meet the Requirements of Busy Parents: The second reason is of even graver concern. Time is evolving and everyone needs to work hard to meet the pace of this fast-moving world. Unlike that of past generations, parents of this industrialized world are busier. At the same time, they have to protect their children from bigger online risks. Also, they have to manage their parenting and career roles at the same time. So, they have to be more efficient and use smarter tools.
  • To Meet the Standards of the Digitalized World: You have to enhance your skills to work in accordance with this moving world. When everything is digitalized and this is what your children understand, why stick to the traditional parenting style. FamilyTime allows you to be a digital parent and be your kids’ trainer even when you are not with them.

FamilyTime; Route to an Effective Parenthood

Talking about the FamilyTime app, this is an amazing and the most convenient way to prevent broken relationships with your children. You can be the ideal parents of your children. Not just that, you can make your kids grow into personalities that are happy, healthy, productive, and free from toxic habits and lifestyles. 

Whether you are in your office or out for some important work, you always know the status of your child’s activities and location.

It offers numerous features, all to enhance a connection between a child and a parent for the satisfaction of both. What a child needs is a sense of safety and confidence. After that comes the need for love. Help your children become contented human beings by providing them these. With FamilyTime, you can stay in contact with your kid and make them feel your kind presence. Some of the features are mentioned here.

  • Filter the Web: you can put safe filters and block the sites that you do not your child to see.
  • Block Apps: the apps that are making your child addicted to them or are not healthy to watch can be blocked through this feature.
  • Get Panic Alerts: your child can inform you if they are in dangerous situations in a fraction of a second.
  • Limit and Schedule Screen Time: you can schedule the screen time and also limit it to make a personalized routine for your child.
  • Geo-fence Unwanted Locations: you do not want your child to enter certain areas, set boundaries and you will be informed about any undesired activity.
  • Locate Your Child: you can easily track your child’s location and get to him/her following that.

Parent-teen and parent-child communication and cooperation are very important when it comes to development. FamilyTime App is a solution to that. Check the details of the app on the website.

Have a happy parenting life.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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