Sep 21, 2021 | Teens' Perspective and Reseearch

The time of rapid technological advancement worried not only parents but also researchers. All were concerned about what changes to mental health will this new lifestyle bring? 

Well, what lifestyle exactly changed? 

The outdoor games, picnics to parks, and other kinds of entertainment were being replaced by indoor activities or we may say, the activities on mobile phones and computers. The social interactions changed to engagements over phones and day by day, the nature and its value lost.

This is not any rhetorical text, you can compare your childhood to your kids. Do you find any difference? Or do you have a total shift in the lifestyles? Yes, exactly that is the answer to the above question. 

So, the researchers were studying the effects of nature on human health and what would happen if it is lost. Among many findings, here are some of the findings that most researchers and psychologists had their consensus upon and that I will be discussing in this article. 

  • The excessive usage of mobile phones or computers can cause a decrease in the attention span of a person
  • The loss of contact with nature causes an increased likelihood of mental health disorders.
  • Nature has the capacity to improve one’s health and their attention

Attention span is a huge problem for parents. Children cannot focus on their work for more than a few minutes. They are not good at tasks that require attention and focus. Also, there are a lot of distractions that keep them away from the main task. 

There are ways to restore that attention understanding the philosophy behind it and using the best parental control app for iPhone, Android, and your kids’ computers. 

So, first of all, here is what Attention Restoration Theory tells about it. 

ART (Attention Restoration Theory)

The 1980s and 1990s were the years when Stephen and Rachel Kaplan came up with this amazing and now widespread theory. 

It proposes that nature has the power to restore the lost attention and to bring back the energy that you have spent on some assiduous activities like completing a long and tiring project, working tirelessly on back to back days, and spending excessive time on screens (because that makes you equally tired just that without bringing any productivity).

So, whatever has been the life of your kids, this theory does give you a green signal that you can bring back your kids’ concentration. 

So, here is the list of what you can do to make it happen. 

  • Start discussing with your children and educating the harms of screen time and the goods of staying in contact with nature
  • Plan a short tour with them by considering their interests and suggestions too
  • When you go out, let your kids explore the place on their own
  • Do not follow them wherever they move as it does not let them enjoy and explore to their maximum
  • Do guide them where needed
  • Use the FamilyTime parental control app to keep a check they are not lost 
  • Keep following your kids’ locations while they are enjoying through the above-mentioned parental app
  • Geofence the areas that you think are dangerous for your kids through the app and get alerted if they enter that area despite guiding them
  • Guide your kids about the panic alert features so that they can call you in case of any emergency with a single click. Check out its website here.
  • Put a limit on their screen time so that they do not start using their phones even on a trip
  • Lock their apps like video games and social media to which they are addicted and that does not allow them to focus on any other thing 

Why A Parental Control App?

All of the above suggestions are given assuming that you are using FamilyTime which we really recommend. Why?

You want peace of mind while you are on a break with your family. Kids, often, do not let you have that satisfaction because you are constantly thinking about whether they are safe or not. This app allows you have that peace of mind.  

Moreover, a phone is the biggest distraction for your kids and the major reason that your kids do not have enough concentration on their tasks.

Using this best parental control app for iPhones or whatever phone they are using will allow you to have all of their digital activities in control. So, what’s the delay for? Go to their website for more details or you can download it for free from App Store or Play Store.  

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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