Trick and Treat to Limit Screen Time in Kids this Halloween

Oct 23, 2019 | Parental Controls, Parenting Advice

Halloween is just a few weeks away and everyone is geared up to start trick or treat expedition. Keeping a child’s candy consumption under control is on the list of every parent, but there is one thing that is highly ignored – i.e. screen time in kids. 

Halloween is all about customizing home with some ghostly, the freaky or spooky theme, making some delicious recipes and going out asking for trick or treat. 

It requires weeks of preparation and everyone’s involvement is a must, including kids. 

However, most of the kids will still be browsing the internet, socializing and texting. They are not even interested in participating in a family activity that involves a lot of fun and excitement, only if everyone is away from screens. 

Halloween is a great way to bring creativity out of a child. If you want to limit screen time on this Halloween and involve your kid in other activities, make sure to read the article until the end. 

Keep Devices out of Sight 

What does Halloween look like? Is it about spending the whole day in front of the screen, posting spooky-themed houses and videos to get likes, comments, and shares? No, it doesn’t. If your kids are involved in such activities before and during Halloween, make sure to take the devices away from them. 

Especially, a week before when everyone is participating in Halloween carnival, there is no point in using the device. It should be all fun, involvement and spending quality time with the family instead of staying in the virtual world. 

The first advice is to take the devices away, lock them up and settle up for a great family fun activity. 

Change the WIFI Password 

Everyone in the house knows the WIFI password. Fed up with everyone especially kids busy on their smartphones. Just change the password and get them involved in Halloween preparation. On the day of Halloween, every kid should take an active part in dressing up, helping family members and doing trick or treat activities. The devices should also be locked up once the Halloweens day starts. 

Trick or Treat Desserts and Recipes

Halloween is not all about costumes and decorating your house. It is a day to celebrate and spend quality time with friends and family. If you want to go the extra mile to limit screen time in kids, involve them in making trick or treat desserts and recipes. It will not only help you to limit screen time in kids but also develop some interest in cooking. 

Ask Kids to Devise Plan for Halloween’s Day

Kids need to get out of their digital devices and step into the real world to enjoy life. Halloween’s day should also consist of other activities like playing skits, bonfire, reading stories and much more. Get your kids out of screens and let them explore their creativity. Give them something to do that does not involve any technology. 

Make Straw Skeletons             

Halloween is all about being spooky and skeletons are a must for giving a spooky look and feel. There are plenty of ways to craft ghosts, witches, and skeletons. If you buy it from a store, it might give a jolt to your wallet. But if you involve your kids to make skeletons out of straws, it won’t cost you much. Help them, involve them and get them out of screens, this Halloween. 

Spooky Writing

Here comes the real fun part. Involve everyone in your family to write spooky and horror stories. The spookier the story is, the better the chance of winning. Take it as a writing competition and let your kids explore their inner writer out on this Halloween. 

Pumpkin Volcano 

Limit your children’s screen time on this Halloween by involving everyone to take part in small and big activities. One of the ways to get the kids out of screen is to make a pumpkin volcano. Add some flair of science and let the volcano erupt on Halloween’s night. 

Install FamilyTime App to Involve Kids More in Halloween Activities 

Last, but not the least, enjoy your time this Halloween with your kids by installing FamilyTime on your kid’s device. Allow your kids to fully enjoy the much awaited event that needs more involvement offline rather than online. Limit screen time and get everyone on the board to enjoy Halloween as a great family activity. 

The app comes with many handy features such as limiting screen time on both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, if your kids are on trick and treat adventure, the SOS Panic button will notify you when your child is in trouble. In addition, you can keep track of your child’s location and also place mobile geo-fences.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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