Top Parenting New Year Resolutions to Consider This Year

Jan 4, 2016 | Parenting Advice


It’s four days past the New Year and we’re finally over our eating and drinking guilt during the holidays. So now the haze is over, we get down to what we need to be working on this year. That’s right it’s the New Year resolution time! Let’s not talk about how successful our last year’s resolutions were and focus on this year, instead.

Parents have it tough!

That’s true; we parents find it perhaps the hardest to stick to our New Year resolutions. Talk about the crazy routines, the pressure and never getting time to yourself, it can get pretty tough for parents to follow their resolutions.

We have compiled a list of top resolutions that can inspire you and the good thing is that you can easily stick to them and feel positive. So here we go:

1.      Spend more family time

Nothing beats a quality family time spent with your kids! The emails can wait, the presentations can wait and those dirty dishes can certainly wait, too. Each day, just ditch everything and spend time with your family. Have a good laugh, share stories and listen to what your kids have to say. You will be surprised to find how good this is for your peace of mind. When you bond well with your family, you feel relaxed and energized to take on the work problems better!

2.      Don’t say ‘Don’t’!

It may get a little difficult in the beginning but once you get used to it, you will feel the difference. Instead of simply saying, ‘don’t do this or that’, try putting it the other way: “Please finish your homework before watching TV” or “Please be kind to your little brother”. It will not only make your kids less rebellious but will; also let you stay positive and feel it, too.

3.      Reduce Digital Daze

Now this is tough but it’s very important, too. We tend to tend more time on the phone than with the kids. So starting this year, make a habit of using your mobile devices less around your children and also make your teens unplug more often. As a thumb rule, meal times should be mobile-free. Try screen time lock apps to make your teens exercise some digital detox.

4.      Delegate more

Now this is something moms are not sued to but seriously it helps a lot! Make people in your house to help around the home. Assign chores to your children and give them little rewards and let them take responsibility for them. This will teach them to be responsible and will save you enough time to pursue your fitness goals for the year.

This year: More family time and less guilt!

So this year around, plan everything around your family and spend more one-on-one time with your children each day. They only grow up once and you don’t want to miss being there for them. Plan outdoor activities with your family; this way, you will not only be  able to carry out your New Year solutions but will also be having a good family time, too! Good luck!

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