The Perks of a Family Locator: Safe Travels for Your Teens!

Jun 16, 2015 | Family Locator App, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS


Summer is in full swing and we all but want to explore the world a little! while we parents can’t afford to pack and leave on a vacation because there is simply too much to take care of: household chores, work, family and what not; but it may be a great time for your teens to go out on an expedition and  satisfy their wanderlust a little!

But hey, don’t let their vacation rip you off a sound night’s sleep! I know, teens and travel can often make a lethal combo, but that shouldn’t bar them from having a little fun! So instead of thawing their high spirits, spend some time in researching ways to keep them safe even when you’re miles and miles apart!

Or you could keep reading this piece and get to know everything you need to about safe travels and your teens! just a single tool and all your teens safety worries go busted! the miracle tool is none other than a family locator app!

‘There’s an App for that!’

There’s an app for literally everything yu could think of: warding off mosquitos, quick weight loss, sleep monitoring and what not! I can’t comment on the efficacy of these apps but I, for one, am pretty sure that these family locator apps really work! Easy installation and simple setup will get you started up within minutes. But the real fun begins when you’d be amazed at how easily you can get connected with your teens and know about their whereabouts- even in your busiest of the hours!

FamilyTime: ensuring safe travel

So as your teens break the news to you about their upcoming trip to their dream destination, don’t waste time and download FamilyTime – Dashboard on your phone and activate your FamilyTime account.

Then download the FamilyTime App for children on their phones or tablets and that’s it! Help them pack smartly and get excited with them!

so now that you’ve got FamilyTime up and running, you could consider doing the following to ensure your teens enjoy to their full yet keeping safe all the while:

#1: Contacts Mirroring


Before you do anything else, pair your phone with that of your teens’ so you could view their contacts. There is nothing better than knowing whom to contact in any emergency when your child wouldn’t respond. Keep a check on the friends going with them and get easy access to their contacts if need be.

#2: Ge-fencing


Who is there to bar your teens from going to bars, clubs and parties when they’re out there? While a little part killed nobody but parents still need to be on the lookout! If your child is underage, you definitely need to know if she or he tries to sneak to the bars for booze. For that matter, add all the nearby bars, etc to your Places list on FamilyTime  – Dashboard and get push notifications as your child tries to enter or leave those places!

#3: Location Lookups


As a daily habit, for as long as your teens are on the vacation, keep tabs on their whereabouts. Going to the Locatoion History tab in the Reports on your dashboard, keep a check on all the places they had been to that day. this will kep you posted and you can also know in time if they lurk to the off-limit places.

#4: Panic Alerts


The most important part of safe traveling for your child is a secure and immediate way to get to you in case of any emergency. FamilyTime takes care of this smartly. With FamilyTime app for children, your children can send you insatnt SOS Alerts from their dashboard. You will receive the alrtes with complete location details so you can get to their rescue wasting no time!

#5: Picking them Up


Teens change plans faster than Kim Kardashian snaps selfies! So don’t complain if your teens ask you to pick them up from the airport and later changing the plans without informing you! Calling parents and informing in time seems to be the most tedious thing to them so spare them the trauma. Just ask them to send you the smart PickMeUp alert from wherever they wnat to be picked up from and you’d drive happily there- at least there won’t be abrupt detours!

So this summer, let your teens have some real fun and nice tan while being in touch with them, smartly!


FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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