The Essentials of Digital Parenting & Screen Time Limit App

Apr 12, 2022 | Parenting Advice, Parenting Teens

In history, disruptive technology has changed our perception of thinking such as; the TV, the writing and reading means, the visuals and designs, and even the printing press. It is pretty much understood that over time, our children are consuming screens for educational and entertainment purposes. Arguably, limiting the screen time of kids has become more complicated. If you want to add value to your kids’ lives, a screen time limit app such as FamilyTime can be your partner in this journey. Does another important question arise how much screen time should be allowed to kids in a day? What are the considerations in the permitted hours? These are the questions that come into every parent or caregiver’s mind. However, the answer is a balanced lifestyle and disciplined upbringing. It is excessive screen time when your kids stop doing; 

  • Doing enough physical exercise
  • Giving enough family time and spending quality hours with parents
  • Contributing to household activities 
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Completing homework and assignments 
  • Spending time in book reading and other creative activities
  • Consuming meals on time
  • Getting interactive in family gatherings

There can be several reasons for the above things not happening, but if your teen is a tech addict they must have been consuming too much screen time. If your little one is facing any such issues then you should get concerned about their screen time usage. It’s time to tame them with an appropriate screen time limit app such as FamilyTime. There are other signs that your child’s mental health gets affected by excessive usage of smart devices. If they demonstrate mood swings, rise in irritability, anger issues, impulsive behavior, or a higher degree of isolation then consider that they need your help. It requires efforts and a few steps that can improve their productivity and mental health; 

Monkey Sees Monkey Does

Your child looks up to you while they are growing up. They tend to imitate whatever you do. Set your own example in front of your child and be their role model. If you want them to reduce the usage of smartphones, you should be doing the same to be an ideal. 

Moderate and Monitor Device Usage

Set customized schedules for their regular use. Allow limited time for them to stay online or use the internet moderately. So they stay safe from the dangers and threats of the web.   

Use Internet Filters in Smart Devices

In order to protect them from obnoxious content available on the internet, parents can use web filters on their mobiles or tablets. So it becomes easier to filter objectionable content for kids.  

Encourage Outdoors

It’s always great to encourage them for outdoor games and healthy activities. So they can disconnect from the screen and indulge in social life. Organize family dinners to spend quality time with other family members to reduce smartphone usage. 

Establish Tech-Free Zone

Parents can always establish a tech-free zone in their houses to maintain a balance in real life. It can be a library or a sitting lounge or even a garden where kids and parents can sit and spend tech-free time. 

Parenting is an ever-evolving job, and it is challenging for most of us to keep up with the new dangers and threats that might terrorize our children. This is why you should adopt technology that can change and simplify our lives. Enjoy parenting!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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