Texting & Tweeting – Are Your Teens Up All Night?

Apr 23, 2017 | Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS, Parenting Teens

Teens are so obsessed with looking cool in front of their buddies. They are staying up too late at night to enjoy chatting with their circles. Texting and tweeting on social media are the biggest attraction for them at night. But such habits are causing serious sleep deprivation and adverse impact on their heath as well. Hand-held smart devices have made the matter even worse.

Are you aware of “Vamping”

Teens staying up past bedtime and posting on social media consider themselves the members of ‘after-hour cyber community’ and they call it vamping. Posting a video at 3 in the morning could be their attempt to be a part of cool-teen group called vampers. If kids are going to bed early don’t consider everything fine. We have to keep a check because today, teens are waiting until parents sleep and then they spend few hours texting and tweeting with their friends.

Such late night socializing activities and interesting interactions could stress them out in the morning and leave them mentally unfit and tired. It’s not limited to the mental health. It can also cause physical harm as they can suffer from digital eye strain and serious headaches. You could monitor their smartphone usage digitally to atop such abuse of tech.

How can FamilyTime help?

FamilyTime is your all-in-one solution because it gives you complete control. With this app you can simply put the screen locks on their smartphones and avoid the phone usage late at night. Moreover, you can view the entire browsing history and check the time and date stamps to stay aware of their late night surfing habits. Another interesting spec is its app blocking. You can black list any addictive social media app and get instant alerts if they use it again. This way you can stay aware of when and how long they sue the social media, tat which ours they surf the most and control with the locks. Here are some useful links to use these features:

Stop teens vamping the right way

It’s a hurtful habit but could be controlled very easily. Digital apps like FamilyTime has made it quite simple to keep a check on teens’ even in the bed. Reduce teen vamping and keep the networking fun!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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