Teen Slangs: How Do Teens Enounce Drugs?

Sep 28, 2015 | Parenting 101


Slang is nothing but your teen’s language! The majority of teens sets out trends and come up with their own vocabulary that only they can understand. This is impressive. You must appreciate their intelligence but beware, being over smart can be dangerous for them.

We have already talked about some of the slang that teens use for sexting, however with the rising trend of drug abuse, teens have introduced some words that not only sound cool but are beyond the comprehension of a common man. These are the drug slangs that are known among the drug-related communities only. To help you know these slangs, here we have come up with a comprehensive list of slangs used for drugs that are popular used among teens.  These are:

  1. DXM: DXM is the common short form of dextromethorphan – a drug being used in many cough and cold medicines. This drug has the ability to produce hallucinations and dissociative effects at a high consumption. For the same drug, teens use a number of other slangs that include: Dex or Drex, Dexing, Orange crush, Poor man’s PCP, or Poor man’s X, Red devils, Red hots, Robo, Robo-dosing, Robo-fizzing, Robotard, Robo-tripping, Rojo, Skittles / Skittling etc.
  2. Hooch: Another name for Alcohol among teens. They also use booze, brews, juice, sauce, hard stuff and more to enounce alcohol among their peers.
  3. Molly: It is the abbreviation of molecular – pure crystalline powder form MDMA. MDMA is the popular club drug that is also known as ecstasy in the form of pills.
  4. Smack: Also known as Heroin. Other names include A-bomb which means Heroin and marijuana; Bombitas that is the combination of Heroin with amphetamines; Speedball or Dynamite that stands for the mixture of Heroin and cocaine; Whiz-bang that is Heroin combined with morphine; and there are dozens of other slangs too.
  5. Mary Jane: It’s a slang used for Marijuana – the drug that contains a chemical named tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Other names for the drug are grass, weed, hydro, pot, indo, bud, dope, and ganga.

The list doesn’t end here. There are slangs that stand for drug abuse among teens and these are:

  1. Crunking: that refers to get drunk on alcohol and high on drugs at the same time
  2. Dexing, robotripping or robodosing: To abuse cough syrups or other medications that contain dextromethorphan.
  3. Toke up/ burn a stick/ burn one: These all means to smoke marijuana.
  4. Go fast, tweaking, spinning, cranking, getting glassed, getting fried: denotes to use methamphetamine
  5. Doing up, shooting up, chasing the tiger, going on the nod: Terms associated with using heroin

The key to having healthier teens today is to be an educated parent at first. You should be cognizant of the meaning of every word they say and know the consequences of every action they perform. Only then you can keep pace with this fast-moving world and secure your teen.

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