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How to have a safe Halloween of your kids with FamilyTime?

Halloween is coming, and the worry sets in along with all the fun and mysterious spookiness. Of course, the parents are worried about how to make sure that it is a safe Halloween for their kids, owing to the situation and security threat we see today. To make sure your kids are safe and sound, […]

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Revenge Porn : What to Do if Your Child Becomes a Victim

Meet Jane Clementi, a brave mother of three sons who lost a son to revenge porn incident. Her 18 year-old son, Tyler Clementi, committed suicide, jumping off the Washington Bridge after posting this status on his Facebook account, “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.” This happened back in 20101 but her mother still feels the […]

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Parenting 101: 4 Incredible Ideas To Develop Healthy Habits In Your Kids!

Teenagers live their lives in a smartphone! Ask teens about their habits and rarely would one of them reply outside of their digital world i.e Tweeting, Facebooking, gaming, snapchating etc. Talk about their source of entertainment and again they will mention the internet, smartphone or any other electronic device they use. Teens are so engraved […]

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