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The FamilyTime App makes the news yet again! Plus details on game-changing new internet filtering features.

We’ve been having a really good May here at FamilyTime. We were recently featured on BBC News for the fact that a school in the UK has chosen to use FamilyTime on their student’s phones to ensure they are not distracted during school hours. That was a big win for us and something we are […]

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4 Ways to Put Your Teens on a ‘Technology Diet’

Have you ever noticed that whether it is the restaurant or the home dining table, families are constantly engaged with their mobile devices? From the teens networking on their smartphones to parents checking emails and messages; we all are surrounded by technology all the time. Today, teens are using technology which is not always healthy. […]

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Movie Star Planet – An App Your Kids Need to Stay Away From!

Movie star planet is a gaming app for kids. They can choose to be movie stars, dress up and make movies. Basically, it is all about living the high-end life and making friends who have similar taste. There are several levels and lots of glittery attraction for kids of all ages. Sounds quite glamorous and […]

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