Nov 22, 2021 | Parental Controls

Isn’t it strange that some of the daily activities of our routine are working as slow poisons to us and our kids? 

Well, this is horrific and we need to rethink our lives in the healthiest possible way. What has now become a normal way of living might not actually be normal given the fact what our bodies are made for, thanks to psychology for revealing some important facts and some other authors for bringing to highlight some very genuine concerns. 

Richard Louv in his book ‘Last Child in the Woods’ shares his concerns about the disconnectedness of children with nature and its possible effects. He calls it Nature-Deficit Disorder that is characterized by less time spent outdoors that causes many behavioral problems.  

The main effects are

  • This and future generation will have a shorter life span than that of their parents
  • Less outdoor activities may cause inactivity that further leads to many mental physical health problems
  • Behavioral problems like tantrums, laziness, inefficient motor skills, and other disorders

Well, the information begs a question. Why can our children not be healthy indoors? This article is all about it and how using the best parental control app, you can very much overcome the problem. 

Why Are Our Children Not Good Indoors?

The idea behind this disorder is that we, human beings, are not made to stay indoors. Our physiology and our inbuilt habits (that we inherit from our forefathers) are made to work well with nature. Thus, our bodies and minds can grow to their fullest only in the required environment. When we do not let ourselves be a part of nature, we are actually contradicting our inner selves that crave to go out to such spaces. Thus, the resulting situation is this disorder.

Modern-day problems are exceeding day by day. Anxiety, depression, and mood problems are the story of every other human being. And, if we compare, our ancestors were living a less tense life. 

What has changed? 

I believe the overall pattern of living our lives is different from even our immediate ancestors. Technology has changed the meaning of having fun and entertainment. A video game has replaced any outdoor game and watching a movie is the priority over going out for a walk. And it has become so much our part that we do not find anything better. Particularly, our kids. Not just that the cut-off from nature is lethal, but also the screens that our kids keep watching are super dangerous for their mental and physical health. 

So, this needs to be stopped. Lesser screen time and more outdoor activities from now on. Because, this is the only thing to make your kids live a contented, happy, and successful life. 

But, your kids won’t leave their devices to play on the grounds or a picnic to some beach right? We have a wonderful solution for that. 

Here is a small guide for what you can do about your kids’ digital time to make them closer to nature. 

What Can We Do?

First of all, make a list of the plans that you have to take your kids to outdoor places. Keep these plans up to the maximum interest of your kids. Take some games like badminton or Lego Blocks with you to make them spend more time there. 

When all set, set out for a picnic or a trip whatever you have planned. Now, to keep them spending minimum time on their phones, you can use instant locks or set time limits to use the best parental control app at your service, FamilyTime.

This is very simple. FamilyTime allows you to keep a check on all the digital activities and the locations of your child with minimum effort. All you have to do is download an app on your phone and a child app on your kids’ device. You can then monitor their activities on the internet, their apps usage, or the time they spend on screens. You can limit it, schedule it, filter the content, and much more. It is just like you have gotten all the control in your hands. 

Protecting your kids from the deadly routines is very important and the parents of this generation carry a huge responsibility. But, thanks to FamilyTime for making the struggle easy. The rest is your effort.   

Download FamilyTime from the App Store or Play Store now. Want more details? Check out their website to know about all the features it offers. 

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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