Mommy Burnout : 5 Signs Telling You Need Time Out

Oct 27, 2016 | Parental Controls, Parenting 101


Last weekend, I watched the movie, Bad Moms and I was aghast how much I could relate to it! We mothers have had enough horror stories but each day brings new challenges and oh the mess the life can become sometimes! It seems 24 hours are not enough for a day and the to-do list just never seems to end!

Each day starts with making breakfasts, dragging the kids out of the bed, packing lunches, dropping kids off to school and then rushing to work or run errands. Some mothers might have much more crammed in this already-insane breakdown of the morning. And just as randomly like waiting at the signal, you think, “Enough is enough; I need a break!” but then the signal turns green and the life goes on.

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Stop and Think!

Every now and then, you need to pause and think if you’re having more than you handle on your plate? This is a very critical question and you need to look back at your routine and past days. Are you having some time to yourself? Are you possibly having a mommy burnout?

5 Signs of a Possible Mommy Burnout

Read these 5 most common symptoms of a parental burnout and see if you have these too?

1.      You’re Forgetting Things Too Easily

Do your kids come to ask what you’re making for the bake sale and you skip a beat? Gosh! You totally forgot about that, didn’t you? If you’re forgetting things too much and too easily, it’s a sign you’re having too much on your hands! Danger – burnout approaching!

2.      You’re Late; No Matter What You Do

Soccer match, science exhibition, parent-teacher meeting, book club meeting – you’re late, always! Your children are the last ones to be picked up at birthday parties and your first sentence at every meeting or event is, “sorry I’m late”. If this is your story, then yes, definitely you’re in for a burnout!

3.      Your Fridge has More Sticky Notes than the Fish in the Sea


Take a look at your refrigerator; does it look like a big sticky note to you? Do you have doctor’s appointments, up-coming birthdays, science project deadlines and schedules plastered all over the poor fridge? The answer pretty much indicates if you’re having a burnout or not!

4.      Your Temper Goes Sky High in No Time

Do you find yourself easily offended and irritated? Little things like your child spilling milk on table gets you off the hook? Do you cringe and grind your teeth more often now? These all signs telling you that you need to slow down immediately.

5.      You Feel like a War-torn Soldier As You Hit Bed

If passing through a day seems like a big battle and you feel fatigued as you lay down on your bed then yes, definitely you’re experiencing mommy burnout. Trouble falling asleep and getting up all tired are the major symptoms of a mom who’s had enough!

If you’re too modest to admit it, take a quiz and find it for yourself!

Take the Mommy burnout Quiz!

What to Do Now?

So if you have these symptoms and your quiz wasn’t so reassuring either; it’s time to rethink your life and priorities and perhaps take control of the situation before it gets worse and affects your life and that of your family. Here, take these measures into consideration and find if they work out for you:

Stop Saying Yes!

“Honey, can you wash and iron this shirt for me; I’ve got to wear that in an hour”, “Mom, I have an essay to write, can you please write down some pointers?”And hundred more requests like these keep coming up every day. Stop saying yes to all of them!  You’d probably end up having more than you can deal with at the end of the day and the vicious cycle will repeat and you’d be forgetting things, getting late for meetings and getting frustrated and fatigued! Just take as much as you can handle and don’t over-commit!

Learn to Delegate

It’s not written in anywhere that you’ve got to everything for your family yourself. There is a limit and you’re only human. So as much as it kills you, learn to delegate and assign chores to your spouse and kids. Not only will you get some time out, your family will get to share the burden with you and the family bonds will get stronger.

 It’s OK to Rely on Others

You’ve got to stop fretting all the time and accept help when offered. If your partner offers to take the kid to the dentist, take the offer gratefully. If your kids asks to go to school on bike and they’re big enough to take care of themselves then why not?

 Get More Tech-Savvy; Use Digital Parental Controls

You keep all your appointment schedules on your phone, all your memories are saved in your phone and you grab your phone whenever you want to look up something on the Internet then why not rely on your phone to ease out some parental stress? Digital parental control apps are in range these days and everyone is using one! Apps like FamilyTime take only a few clicks and taps to download and you can use it to take care of a lot of things! You can use FamilyTime to keep a check on your teens, to know if they’ve reached school safely and can even control their screen time usage and much more!

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Take a Break; You Deserve It!

So slow down and take a deep breath; it’s OK not to be perfect and more than anything, you need a break! Let you family help make it easier for you and rely on things around you to know that your kids are all safe and doing well. Take a break and go spoil yourself at a spa because FamilyTime has got your back!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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