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A survey conducted in several countries by  Action for chidren found that there has been an increase in the number of parents struggling to limit their children’s time spent using technology (23%), compared to other common concerns in educating children, such as having a healthy diet (19%), going to bed at the appropriate time (18%), or doing their homework (10%).

“Technology is a necessary part of children’s lives as well as parents’ lives, but it’s important to keep a balance with other activities so there is quality of family time,” says Carol Iddon, Action for Children’s Operations Director.

Based on the results of the research,  Action for Children has developed five  basic steps to help parents guide their children to use technology appropriately. Have a look at these steps here!

  1. Plan  fun activities that do not involve technology resources and gather the whole family.
  2. Create a balance between using technology and other activities by developing a weekly schedule. The schedule follows the principle of each hour of activity with the use of technology is equivalent to the exercise of one hour of another type of activity (sports, home activities, family time, etc.).
  3. Remember your own experience: When you were a child, what was your favorite game? What were your favorite games? And share it with your children.
  4. Identify the challenges that your kids most enjoy in their favorite video game games. Which ones sports games do they like? Encourage them to play sports in the park, or even bring the whole family to watch a game of a popular sporting event in their city. In the video game, do they like strategy games? Introduce them to the great challenges that classic board games have to offer.
  5. Practice what you preach: When your kids are having technology-free time, turn off your devices as well. Be a role model! Do not miss the opportunity!

Once you know these steps, technology experts of the present time suggest parents take a move forward and get their hands onto digital tools that let them not only plan screen time schedules for their kids but enable them to regulate and implement those schedules too. One great tool that helps parents in this regard is FamilyTime screen limit app. Having this app, parents can assign weekly minutes for screen use with their kids and can even block unwanted or the most addicting games. They can even assign screen minutes for each game independently. Not only this, parents can assess the list of all that their kids have installed on their devices without literally having practical access to the device. According to experts, tools like FamilyTime are the best solutions to make kids hang up on technology and to make them keep its use positive. So, get the right tool for yourself rather than worrying! Happy Parenting!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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