Home Alone Teen- What Do Parents Need To Ensure Their Safety?

Dec 18, 2015 | Parenting Teens

Home Alone Teens

Do you have to leave your teen all alone at home for any given reason? Are you anxious? Are you concerned about their safety? Well, it is natural if you are leaving your teen unsupervised for the first time in life. You can not only brush away your stress but can also make this time a great pleasure for your teen to have a positive experience and gain a sense of self-assurance and independence.  All you need for this is a little bit of planning. Given below are some of the tips you can use for planning and ensure their safety!

Cook Food For Them And Freeze It!

If you are planning to leave your teen for a long time say a few days or weeks, prepare food for them so they don’t have to move out of the home for it. You can freeze their favorite dishes so they don’t get attracted to the junk food. Your home made hygienic food will keep them healthy when you won’t be around.

Use Parental Control App:

Before you step out of your home, install FamilyTime – parental control app and pair it with your teen’s device. Using the app, you will be able to keep track of your teens’ location even on the go, the app offers the automated notification facility that helps parents receive instant alerts when teen enters or exists the Geo-fenced places. Also, using their devices, your kids will be able to contact you in case of emergencies. The app provides the functionality of panic alerts too.

Provide Them With Some Emergency Numbers

Even though you empower your kid to reach you in case of emergencies, give them additional contacts of neighbors and family members who live nearby so they get instant help if need be.

Get The First Aid Box Ready!

Get them prepared for everything. Fill the first aid box with all needed such as bandages, Antiseptic cream, necessary medicines etc. and tell them the use of it.

Install Alarm System

An added precautionary measure that you can take is installing the alarm system so nobody gets into the home after you. And if somebody tries to, your teen can get notified in time. Show them how to turn it off and on.

Use these simple tips to keep your teens safe even if you are not around. The use of digital parental control will help you stay notified and relaxed about your teens’ activities not just online but offline too. And above all, they can always reach you in case of emergencies!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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