Here Is One For The Digital Moms Acing Technology Left And Right!

Oct 6, 2016 | Parental Controls, Parenting 101


We say kids are technology kings, but the moms are not behind.  They use smart gadgets and handle things on the go. They can Google, socialize, text, video call, shop online, and take pictures. You name it and they can do it. They are driving fast on the digital road and there is no stopping them!

The infographic below shows that more than 50% women online are mothers. 90% of the moms have internet access and 41% of them have 5 devices connected to home wifi. That’s a lot of moms on the internet and here is the coolest thing, 49% of them would rather give up their engagement rings than their cool gadgets!

Better Moms

70% of them say that technology helps them become better moms. They can search for parenting tips, there are different blogs and forums where women help each other. Then there are several apps for organizing, scheduling, school work, child psychology and more. So, it is true that technology provides a lot of help to the modern moms.

Sharing With Kids

89% of these mommies share their technology experiences with their kids. They share news, tell each other about latest trends and ask for help. I know that because when I can’t understand a new app or an update I go straight to my kids for help.

For The Good

I think it’s good that today’s moms are tech literate. They know how the devices work, what is social media and what are the different applications. It also makes them aware of the digital dangers. Their knowledge about technology will help them keep their kids safe. There are so many risks out there for kids and the moms need to be well equipped. Driving on the digital road makes them aware of the bumps and they should utilize technology for parenting as well.  All the mothers should also take up parental controls to manage their kids’ device use, screen time supervision, web monitoring, location tracking and more. FamilyTime offers you all these facilities to check unsafe activity and regulate it.

Strike a Balance

I am all for techno moms, but there is something they need to keep in mind. Kids usually do what they see their parents doing. Unconsciously or consciously, they follow their parents’ footsteps. If the mothers will be engrossed in their devices all the time, kids will take it as normal and do the same. So, take a break once in a while, unplug and spend some device-free time with your kids. Those kids need screen-breaks and digital surveillance and you won’t be able to do it if you are on your devices all the time. Create a balanced image for your kids to stay on the positive side of the digital life.

Kudos to all the awesome digital moms! In a digital world what can be better than being all tech savvy. Stability and caution would take you a long road. Use technology for your own good!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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