From Happy to Snappy – Reasons Behind Your Child’s Brooding

Nov 15, 2017 | Parental Controls, Parenting Teens

There could be a number of reasons behind kids’ changing behavior and attitude. And it’s nothing to be surprised about. When they step in to the teens they might feel compelled to have things their own way but it doesn’t mean they are intentionally disobedient. Most of their behavior is learned and a result of peer pressure. So, if your teen is suddenly having a bad mood that doesn’t go away easily, it can be indication that they are just growing up. But it could also hint at something disturbing so it’s better to give it a closer look.

How peer pressure affects teens?

In an effort to be liked by others, kids get in to the peer pressure. They might worry that other kids will make fun of them if they don’t go along the group. Such pressures commonly cause substance abuse, alcohol addiction, sexual activities and school skipping.

Facts you must know

Teens having friends who do the drugs and alcohol use are more likely to do the same, drug addicted friends are more likely to convince their friends to do it too. According to the Canadian Lung Association 70% of teens who smoke have friends with smoking habits. Usually such kind of habits develop due to the peer pressure because, teens consider it cool to do something there parents would not allow them.

How a parental controls app can protect?

By keeping an eye on teens’ online and offline activities parents can get a fair idea about their circle and what they are looking for on the Internet. If your kids’ behavior is changing so dramatically and you can’t find out the reason, then going for a monitoring app can help. IFamilyTime is designed to exactly let parents do this. They can check their teens’ online activities and can pick clues that can lead them to the possible cause. FamilyTime can also let parents control too much screen time among teens and can block certain apps that are not suitable for the teens.

You can:

  • Check their Internet history
  • View their bookmarks and favorites
  • Track their GPS location
  • View location history
  • Check their contacts details
  • View their installed apps
  • Control their screen time
  • Block unsuitable apps
  • Fix a daily app

By keeping a check on all of the kids’activities, you can easily figure out the reasons behind their misbehavior and wrong attitude. It’s better to stay in a loop and monitor and protect them from becoming a victim of peer pressure. They can easily get manipulated so protect them with an effective mobile parental control app like FamilyTime. Give it a shot and let us know your experience and any suggestions in the comments section below. Happy parenting!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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