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Social media usage is on the rise, there are fake accounts trying to interact with kids and manipulate them, cyber threats are increasing, there are several ways for kids to be involved in unhealthy activities. Still, you do not have to look at them with doubt.

Yes, we are saying it because doubting them would only do worse. Perceived doubt my kids would make them indifferent and more distant from you. We know the rise of technology has put everything in peril but parents have to be smart and act not just based on their intuitions.    

However, here is all about why doubting your kids over every act can damage your bond with them and their personality. Moreover, in the end, the article explains how using the best parental control app for Android and iPhone can let you still monitor all of their digital activities.


Your kids are not in your control once they know you are trying to control them. You have to create a friendly relationship between you and your kids so that they feel safe sharing their problems with you. But, once you realize that you do not believe in them and they must be doing something wrong, they are never going to trust you.

Look, you have to think from the perspective of a kid. From your angle, you might be doing the right thing but what matters is how it affects your kids. So, whenever you make a decision for your child, think about the way your kid will be taking it.


Most importantly, once your kids get to know you are doubting them (even for the right reason), they will notice it and start hiding things. Remember one thing, technology gives a lot of room to your kids to hide their activities, and definitely, they are smarter than you in using it. So, why lose the opportunity that you have at hand. This means you will lose complete track of their activities as they will become more careful about it.  

Long story short, you do not have to be foo and just say what you are thinking about your kids. Use smarter ways, observe them, talk to them in a proper way, and you may use a parental control app.


The third worst that can happen to you is losing the effectiveness of your advice. Snubbing them, criticizing their behaviors, and doubting their activities, none of this should be your way of correcting your kid. First, they do not have long-term impacts on your kids. Second, it will become usual and they will think of it just as your habit.

No offense, but you have to listen to some hard facts to establish your stature as a parent. 


The last reason why doubting them is not a good idea is they will lose confidence in themselves. Parents are role models for kids. They look up to you for appreciation and encouragement. Doubting over their activities and criticizing them, even if it is for the right purpose I repeat, will discourage them and make them feel bad about themselves. Next time, even if they are involved in some right activity, they will not like to share it with you because now, they are not very confident about what they are doing.

How to Have a Check While Not Making Them Feel You are Doubting Them?

The question remains intact and the answer is very simple. Where the technology has increased the room for doubt, it is providing the solutions to keep a proper check too. Using FamilyTime that we regard as the best parental control app based upon the multiple features it provides to control your kids’ online activities. Using this app, you can check what they are searching for, what apps they are using, whom they are talking to, and many other things. Resultantly, you will not need to ask them about what they are doing and the rest of the things. Also, if you find something doubtful, you can deal with that through proper counseling.

Check out their website for more details or you can simply download it from the App Store or Play Store. Happy parenting!  

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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