Nov 4, 2021 | Parenting Tips and advices

What does a child look like in public? How do they behave with others? And how do they perform in their schools? All of that depends a lot on how you treat them and how much importance you give to these tiny moppets. 

Your kid needs to feel special and confident and you make it happen. Here are the ways to do so including how you can stay connected to them using an android parental control app.  

  1. Don’t Give Them Divided Attention

Your kids know when you are fully attentive to them and when you are not. You often reply to them while our eyes are on the screen and sometimes when your kid asks ‘mama when are going for a picnic’ and you say, ‘yes that’s amazing.’ Something similar has happened to you too, right? 

These might not be embarrassing moments for you because it is about your child but, it hurts your child as they feel ignored. Telling them you cannot talk right now is better than pretending that you are listening to them. You can use sentences like, ‘honey, we will talk about it later on as I am busy with work’ or ‘what about discussing it over a walk in the evening? You can complete your painting by then.’ Or the best is to keep your laptop away, leave whatever you are working on, and listen to your kids with all their attention on them. 

  1. Ask Specific Questions While Talking About Their Routine

Don’t stick to questions like, ‘how was your day or ‘did you have fun. You’ve got to move past such questions as they would just become a thing of routine and your child would start answering with, ‘yes, it was good. Ask exciting and different questions that are particular to their routine. For example, when you know it was their movie day, ask about that movie and its characters (which one they liked, etc.). Moreover, you can ask about their friends, subjects, and the games they played. 

This makes them feel that they are doing important things and that it matters to you. This will bring their confidence and interest in doing more creative things.  

  1. Show Small Gestures of Love

You might forget it often but your kids are waiting for you to hug them or kiss them. These small gestures of love boost the happiness hormones and strengthen your family bond. Kissing them when dropping them off at school, hugging them when they tell they missed you, and showing such gestures of love when they make a beautiful painting, learn a new skill, or achieve something (no matter how small it is). 

 It tells them that every act matters to you and that you are taking care of everything they do. Also, it helps them with growth and development.  

  1. Make Lasting Memories/Moments

The moments you spend in your kids’ childhood to cherish small events are going to stay with them forever. They will always cherish the happy moments spent with you during their childhood. So, make as many memories as you can. Celebrate every small and big moment. This can be even about minute things. For example, you watch a movie together at weekend, play a picnic every weekend or every fortnight, or cook together on Saturday. All of this makes the life beautiful of a kid and also, brings harmony and strength to the family. 

  1. Stay Connected to Them and Always Be on Their Back

Once your kids start going to school, they face a lot of challenges. Particularly, the transition from playgroup to senior grades is hard for them. Staying connected to them every moment can boost their confidence to pass through that phase and give them a strong feeling of belongingness. But, how is that possible? This is what you are thinking. 

FamilyTime is the best android parental control app to help you stay connected to your kids, observe their activities, and reach them if they are in trouble, in moments. 

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