Digital Wellbeing – Why It Is Important and What Families Should Do?

Apr 15, 2020 | Parenting Advice

We are living in a digital world and surrounded by digital devices. We are so busy using digital devices like our smartphones, tablets, and much more that we are not able to talk to our loved ones for many days. As compared to the past, the young ones are now more attached to the devices and have more access to technology. Note that access to technology has a positive and negative impact on their lives.

Nowadays, the children use the devices to go online, play games, chat with friends on social media platforms, and watch videos. They love to spend most of the time on their digital devices.

In the following blog, we are going to discuss digital wellbeing. We will look at why it is important and why families should be serious about it because it is not only about the children because now parents and other adult members of the families are also using digital devices for a longer time.

Digital Wellbeing?

Let’s start our discussion with digital wellbeing. For your information, our entire wellbeing is calculated by physical and emotional experience on a daily basis. In our life, technology is playing an important role and it is a huge part of our life. With the help of technology, we try to represent ourselves and interact with others. Technology ultimately has an impact on our wellbeing. This is called “digital wellbeing”.

It is more like awareness about ourselves and others when we are online. It is important to note that our digital wellbeing can be affected by the choice that we will make online, the interaction we are going to have, and the content we are going to see, and the time we are spending on the internet. According to many reports, the people who are spending more time on the devices, are more likely to see upsetting content, send abuse to others, and get abusive comments as well.

Excess of everything is bad, the same goes for technology. The purpose of technology and the internet is to improve our lives instead of causing a distraction. It is totally our responsibility to use them in the right way so that it can be helpful for us instead of being damaging.

Important Statistics

Now, let’s have a look at some of the important statistics regarding digital wellbeing that are important for families to know and how you can compare it with your family life:

  • Digital wellbeing is very much important. But most of the families don’t see technology as one of the top concerns.
  • The people who are using digital devices are not aware of the difference between online and offline life.
  • 1 of the 3 parents also has the addiction to use their smartphones.
  • On average, a family member spends 3.5 hours of screen time in a day.
  • Nearly half of the parents only set the time limit for using the devices.
  • Around 80% of the family feel bad about their relationship with technology.
  •  Young parents are using parental controls as compared to older parents.

How Family Can Achieve Digital Wellbeing- Expert Advice!

Below are the expert tips that can help your family to achieve digital wellbeing in your life:

  • Children should be spending the same amount of time outdoors that they spend on their mobile devices. Physical activity is a must.
  • Parents should take the children’s devices and should turn off the TV as well at least one hour before bedtime. This practice will improve sleep quality and it will help in avoiding the blue light.
  • Mobile phones should not be brought on the tables. This rule should be applied to both parents and children.
  • Parents should not forget that they are role models for their children. They should leave their phone and should interact with their child. If parents are not doing this, then what you can expect from your child?
  • Parents should set a time limit for using digital devices according to the age of your child.
  • The use of mobile devices for the child under the age of 2 should be prohibited.
  • Children should take 45 minutes break to protect their eyes.
  •  Parents and children should prepare a contract and sign it. This should be pasted on the refrigerator so that everyone should keep it in mind.

Tips to Ensure Digital Wellbeing as a Family

As a family, you can ensure your digital wellbeing by the following tips:

  • Create digital wellbeing rules together. Parents and children should sit together to set up the rules and follow them.
  •  Follow the rules that are set as a family. If parents are not following the screen time rule, then children will also not follow the rules.
  • Encourage socializing. Parents should take their children out or tell them about the importance of socializing. If parents are able to convince their children to interact with them, then do the activities that your children like to do for increasing their involvement.
  • Exercise is a must to stay physically fit. It is important for parents to set up a time for exercise so that they can stay away from the screen and should be physically fit.
  • If your child loves to read and draw, then encourage him to do those activities in their spare time instead of using mobile devices. This thing will keep them busy and their screen time will be reduced.

It’s On You Now!

This was a brief about the digital wellbeing importance and what families should do to create a balance in their everyday and digital life. As a parent, if you want to control the screen time of your children or want to monitor their other online activities, then get the FamilyTime app now! The app will allow you to limit the screen time, block the app, monitor the text message, track their location, and many other useful features that parents will like.

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