Buckle Up For the New School Year – 7 Parenting Tips That Will Take You Through

Aug 23, 2016 | Family Locator App, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS


The lazing around days are over, it’s time to get back to business. I’m sure most of you are back from vacation and now preparing for going back to school. I mean the kids, not the parents! But parents have to prepare as much as the kids. Don’t you think? They have to set their routine according to the kids, make sure they have all the school supplies they need and deal with the bittersweet feeling of getting all busy again.

How About Some Digital Preparation?

Along with all the other back-to-school arrangements, you have to equip you and your kids digitally as well. We all know that digital devices are a part of their lives and they also go to school with them. They require these devices to stay connected and even for their studies. Most schools have electronic systems for sharing coursework, assignments and other information regarding the school.

While that is that, it also means that kids dive into new activities, make friends, and get into fights. Nowadays, after school, kids stay in touch through social media, texting and calls. This makes them susceptible to untimely conversations, social media addiction, and cyber bullying. Smartphones and tablets also provide a lot of distractions. But don’t worry, FamilyTime has some great hacks for you.

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Some Back-To-School Tips

1.     Read, Read and Read

Yes, parents must read and be aware of what’s happening in the digital world. Its good side and bad side, the dangers kids can face and how they can tackle them. Educate yourself as much as you can. Know the latest teen trends, applications, and games.

2.     Discuss

Don’t hesitate to talk to your kids. Tell them about the potential troubles. Talk about how they can keep themselves safe. How you can work together for that?

3.     Supervise

Kids need supervision at every point, as babies, toddlers, and teenagers. Every age demands a different kind of check from the parents. The digital age demands digital supervision. This is done with the help of parental controls. Monitor their internet activity, installed apps, calls, texts, and contacts. This will help you get a closer look in their lives and know if they are having late night conversations at the cost of their sleep, sexting, being threatened or bullied by someone, getting in touch with suspicious people or seeing inappropriate things on the internet.

4.     Schedule

Don’t let the social media distractions, addictive games, texting and browsing hinder their homework time and proper sleep. Manage their routines with screen time locks. Limit the device use during important hours so that they can eat, sleep and study well.


Screen time guidelines for iOS and Android devices.

5.     Block

When kids are together they want to have fun and explore. These days it means using new applications and following latest fashions. Not every new app and trend is safe for them like sexting apps and online dating. Sometimes kids are pressured by others, sometimes they want to be a part of the cool group and sometimes they are simply intrigued by the idea. Whatever the case may be, it can do them harm. Restrict such apps to have some peace of mind and security. 

App blocking guidelines.

6.     Locate

Kids often sneak off after school or have late night parties. They also don’t like to update you every time they reach school or home. They think you are baby-ing them. Well, no worries, stay posted using geofencing features. Get auto check-ins and checkouts for school, home, gym, soccer practice, etc. They can also send you panic alerts and pick-me-up alerts. And they can’t sneak off to unsafe places without you knowing because you will have all their locations. 

Geofencing places guidelines.

7.     Safety

Teenagers take cars to school and they often drive rashly. Set speed limits and get over-speeding alerts to know if they are driving safely.

Suit Up For School!

Routines are going to change soon. You would have to keep a check on different things now. Keep it light and easy with FamilyTime protection. Have a great year ahead!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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