Break from Screen is Must For Your Child and Adults- 5 Reasons To Convince You!

Jun 15, 2020 | Parenting Advice

We all are spending a good amount on a daily basis in front of our smartphones, tablets, Tv, and laptop screens. We are doing different types of tasks that include watching videos, playing games, browsing the internet for information, and the list goes on. We are very much dependent on these devices because they have become an important part of our life.

What if we tell you that Screen-free Week is celebrated in late spring? This “Media Detox” campaign started in 1994. Previously, it was called the “TV-Turnoff Week”. This action has great relevance in the age of smartphones. We can deny the fact that our relationship with screen time is increasing day by day. We all should know that the excessive use of media is not physically, mentally, or emotionally good for the people.

Looking for a solution to avoid the problems? It is easy by taking a break from your mobile screen. In the following blog, we are going to talk about the five reasons that will convince you that a screen break for your children and adults is better:

1-Improve Your Sleep

Sleeping properly and on time is very important for good health. Note that electronic media is not your friend and when you are going to use it till late night, this is going to disturb your sleeping cycles. The disturbance is due to the physiological effects of blue light coming out of the screen. This light is going to affect melatonin production in the brain that will delay the onset of sleep. According to a study, people who are reading on an e-reader in comparison to the people reading books experience delayed melatonin release. This will lead to restlessness and you have to wait long for sleeping.

It is a common observation that people are sleeping at night by placing their mobile near to them. When a call or message comes, they get disturbed. Collectively all this is disturbing their sleep and they don’t feel well. It is important for parents to take away the devices one hour before bedtime so that your child can sleep well. Adults should also leave their devices before sleeping to avoid disturbance.

2-Awareness of Present Moment

There is a wide majority of American adults who are using their cell phones for the whole day. There is no doubt that the incoming email, texts, and notifications come to our devices on a daily basis. Due to the continuous use of devices, the moment to moment experience is being fragmented at a large scale.

Adults and children are using their mobile phones for different purposes as discussed above. Even when they are sitting with their family, they are continuously using their mobile phones. They are constantly checking their messages, posting on social media platforms, watching videos, and much more to stay updated. In this way, they are staying updated but they are missing the face to face interaction with people. The sense of enjoyment and interaction with the loved one is missed. To enjoy the moments, see things around you and interact with the people to leave your digital devices. Children should stay away from the devices when they are sitting with the family on a dinner table, watching TV together, or during a conversation with family members. The same goes for the adults.

3-Stronger Connections

Social media platforms help us to connect with our friends and family members but this is not able to provide the same feeling as you get in a face to face relationship. Nowadays, people are more talking to each other on social media platforms instead of meeting with each other. As you are using your mobile phones or other digital devices, you are missing the relationship with your family.

To make your relationship strong again, you need to keep your devices aside and interact with your loved one. Once you do that, then you will feel better because nothing can replace the feeling of face to face interaction. Educate your child as well to go out and play with your friends instead of playing online. Ask them to go out and play in the ground for some physical activity.

4-Better Learning and Productivity

It is interesting to note that any work that requires a focused mind will need a media break. Focus is also very much important for the child to learn. If your child is not able to focus on the things, then he or she might not perform well in studies. Most of the time, kids are using their devices for school homework but they might start playing games if proper care is not taken by the parents.

Keeping all this in view, your child should not use digital devices to a greater extent. If they want to learn and focus better, then they should use the devices for a limited time frame. They should study with proper attention and should play out for their mental and physical health.

5-Developing New Habits- Media Fasting!

All the above-mentioned things are good to bring a positive change in the life of an adult or children. Have you heard of the media fast? It is just an approach to disconnect yourself from media devices. According to the study, the students who did this, they have experienced a change in their life. For some people, this might be a little interruption but for some people, it will be a reset.

Some of the things that your child or even adults can do to stay away from your digital devices are:

  • Turn off all the notifications except the educational apps.
  • Using the devices for a limited time within a day.
  • Not using a phone when going to bed.
  • Delete your social media account like Facebook or others.

Final Thought

Hopefully, now you will be convinced to take a break from the screens of your digital devices. This will help you to stay physically and mentally fit.

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