6 Tips to set Digital Detox for Your Teenager!

Sep 23, 2015 | Parenting Tips and advices


Teens being the social media mavens consider digital detox as a penalty. They find it hard to break their habit. So, as any other detox, digital detox can be stressful for you and your teen too. In our last post, we talked about the digital detox in detail and mentioned the advantages of using it for your teens. And today, here we have come up with 6 working tips to ease the process.

1.      Be a participant:

There can be no race with a single runner. Likewise, if you want your teen to successfully complete the digital detox, you with all your family members have to be part of this game. Don’t expect your teen to avoid the technology all alone. It will be of no use in that case.

2.      Let everyone know!

Before you start the digital detox, ask your teen to let all his friends and family members know about it. Encourage him to disseminate the news themselves with a note that the step is being taken on purpose. You must have heard about the concept of belief that says: we believe in what we say! Use the concept here and let your teen talk positive about digital detox. This will help them strengthen their beliefs too.

3.      Invest time in healthy activities:

Invest your teen’s saved time in any healthy activity. Plan for some fun  outdoor activities and enable your teen to associate the digital detox tenure with an amusing memory where he could think of something refreshing. This memory can encourage your teen to use digital detox again and will help you distract your teen from their device initially.

4.      Be Strict

Set your time frame for the digital detox and then stick to it strictly. To avoid distraction you can either disable the push or pop-up notification or switch off the cell phones. Do whatever you want to but help your teen stay away from their devices during the set time frame so that they can admire their ability to move without being digitally equipped.  This will also cut down their dependency on their devices and will help them have a new perspective of technology.

5.      Throw it as a challenge:

Do not make the mistake of taking digital detox as an easy go job. It isn’t. Neither for you nor for your kid. So, be very straightforward and throw the first digital detox as a challenge for everybody in the house. Support each other to complete it successfully and when completed, use my next tip.

6.      Give Reward:

After the first digital detox is completed successfully, give some reward to the participants. This will encourage your teen to get involved in the next digital detox and ultimately the cruel penalty will turn out to be a fun yet healthy activity for them.

Using these tips, plan the first digital detox for your teen and help them see the broader perspective of technology. If, for any reason, your teen refuses to move away from their devices, you have the parental controls to set your next move!

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