3 Ways to Get Your Kids Enjoy Spring Season to the Fullest!

Mar 24, 2016 | Family Locator App, Parenting 101

Fun Spring Activities for Your Kids

It’s spring and it’s time to be outdoors and enjoy nature to the fullest! Remember when we were in our teens, spring would mean kite flying, strawberry picking and enjoying beautiful days in sun? Now you take a look at your teens and they’re all but busy with their phones and video games. A beautiful day isn’t just for snapping a picture of it and posting on Instagram, it’s about being there and cherishing it! So don’t let this spring season go wasted and make push your kids to go out there and have some real fun!

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Reconnect with Nature

Only if they would put down their phones would they notice it’s too beautiful out there to stay indoors. So you need to put in that little effort and make your kids reconnect with nature. Here’s how to start:

Plan a Picnic!

Take a break ; you need it badly, too! Plan a picnic and leave for a good day or two. Camping can be real fun and exploring the countryside can never go wrong; unless you try to snap a picture of a grizzly bear face-to-face! The long drive with some good music (matching their taste, too) and camping is sure to draw all you closer and you can all have the much-needed family time!

Digital Detox – Everyday!

Make sure that they leave their phones and gaming consoles behind and go out for cycling or any other outdoor sport every day! Make a rule for digital detoxing for a few hours every day so they can get some sun stretch a muscle or two!  And if you can’t seem to get the rule implemented, you can always go for FamilyTime’s Access Controls. Simply define a rule, entering start and finish hours and their phones and tabs will automatically get locked for that time period. Now that’s some sure-shot digital detoxing!

Enroll Them in Activity Camps

Spring is a good time to get them enrolled into some activity camps. Bit only will they get to discover some talent they had hidden in them but also get to meet new friends. Some outdoor activities are sure to instill team work and positive attitude in them. But be sure to install FamilyTime tracking app in their phones so you can keep a safety check on their whereabouts and can pick them up with the PickMeUp alerts.

Let Spring Rejuvenate Your Kids!

Let this spring be the starting point to reconnect with nature. Take some out too and enjoy this lovely season with your family. Don’t let their mobiles and tabs keep them from missing out on nature. Have fun!

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