3 Magical Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2015 | Parenting Tips and advices

3 Magical Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving

“Gratitude consists of being more aware of what you have, than what you Don’t”


Thanksgiving is a day of being contented and thanking God for everything we have in our lives. In addition to thanking God, we be thankful to the people around who make our lives beautiful. Unfortunately, the day is losing its meaning in our society every year and people only take it as a holiday but it’s not. To make your family and kids celebrate the day to the fullest, here are three magical ways you can use:

Prepare Big Meal

The big dinner is the essence of Thanksgiving day. Prepare a variety of food items and decorate your table with innovative and creative dishes that not only taste good but seems appetizing too. Consider everybody’s choice while preparing the food and make everyone participate in arranging the dinner. You can ask your kids to help you in the kitchen or in decorating the table for all.

Thanksgiving Feast

Get Outside

Thanksgiving is the moment of joy and fun all together. So this year, consider rallying your family and enjoying  the time together outside the walls. You can plan a picnic to some park, nearby pumpkin patch, or to the Apple orchid. Take board games, crayons and everything that can help you and your kids enjoy there. If, for any reason, you can not go out with your family, let your kids have fun outside and you can connect with them virtually using the family locator app that helps parents stay updated about their kids’ whereabouts even on the go! Take the tool in your hand and set your kids free.

Thanksgiving Fun

Plan Family Fun

After you all are done with the dinner, sit together and start sharing your memories of the past year. You can ask everybody to share the best moments of their life. You must have heard that sharing is caring. This fun activity will help you know each others perspective and the reasons that make them, happy. In addition to that, the activity will help everyone recall the bounties and the privileges they had in the past year which is the true essence of thanksgiving. Make your kids realize how lucky they have been all their year and what privileges they have had.

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