Why Should You Stop Your Kid From Excessive Screen Time? Reasons and Solutions

Starting from the invention of mobile phones, the research on the use of screens is as long as these gadgets came into being. Because it did not take people very long to get addicted to their usage. If we think about the time when mobile phones were introduced, we realize how excited we were. This invention brought a revolutionary change in our lives. Of course, it has done and is doing wonders.

But the concerns of health professionals and parents were different. Particularly, when these gadgets became accessible to every kid, it was not all about the goods. They had to be stopped else, it could do all the worse things to them, opposite to what they were made for. One has to take a serious responsibility to monitor their children’s screen usage.

Today, the burden has been shared to a great extent by the screen time limit app but that is not familiar to every parent. Its efficient usage can make it very easy for parents. But, before we look into it, here is what screen time is doing to the health of your kids in the light of research.

What Does the Research Say?

From linking it to depression, anxiety, frustration, headache, and lower work efficiency, researchers have tested every relationship. And unfortunately, the results have proven the concerns right. Specialists have found screen time causing multiple mood problems, a decrease in cognitive abilities, and other psychological issues.

People have also been observing that screen time was related to sleep-related issues. Thus, we have collected some researches for that, too.

Research on the effects of screen time on sleep behavior in adolescents was done by Sleep Research Society published in the Oxford Academic in 2019. It showed that people who decreased their screen time after 9 pm had to put less effort into sleeping. They had earlier sleep onset and could sleep easily for a longer time. Also, they felt improved vigilance during the day and performed better.

This is what every parent would desire to have in their children. Good sleep is also associated with better mental health and improved work efficiency. And this has to be ensured for your kid’s betterment.

The number of researches done on the cause is huge. Another research, published in Plos One in 2016, has measured the relationship between screen time and sleep performance. The results show that screen usage causes shorter sleep duration and reduces sleep efficiency. People who use the screen in bed have the worst sleep quality and have to put in more effort to induce sleep.

Why Does Our Body not Work Well with Technology?

With the advancements in technology and science, we are witnessing more people falling prey to mental health and related issues.  

As Harari would say, whether we are in a new age bringing ease to our lives through the smartest ways, our DNA still thinks we are in the past in the hunter-gatherer society. So, we need that environment. We need to do things manually. Video games might be a big addiction, our bodies crave basketballs, cricket, and other physical activities. We need to feel nature so that our minds get what they actually desire. Our soul should be satisfied by the food that it needs.

Thus, instead of putting our generation and the one next to us in a dilemma where their activities do not align with the requirements of their bodies, let us bring a balance to this.

The worries of parents are valid but they would need to be smart in dealing with their children’s screen time issues.

The smartest solution that we have for you is to use a screen time limit app. Let us discuss the best one that exists in the market.

Thus, help your kids perform better, use FamilyTime and be with them every moment. Download the app now to enjoy a free three days trial of the premium functions. Check the website if you want to have more details of its features.

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