Screen Time and Your Young Children- Here’s How To Handle It?

Screen time! This is one of the important concerns for today’s parents. A younger child, tweens, teens, and even adults are using their digital devices without any break. They are fully dependent on their mobile devices, tablets, smartphones to watch videos, play games, and do other stuff. But younger children can be affected most because they are at a growing age and their brain is developing.

We all know that digital devices emit radiations and they are not good for the health of kids. It is important for parents to keep a proper check on the screen time of their child. Proper monitoring should be done for younger kids. For your information, children who are under 5 years old, they are more exposed to screens in comparison to other people. They are using different devices like gaming consoles, smartphones, television, and tablets.

When you are going to evaluate the screen time, then you need to include all the time spent by your child on the devices mentioned above. In the following blog, we are going to tell you all about what parents should know to limit the screen time of your developing children. Furthermore, if your child has special needs, then you can get in touch with your family doctor pediatrician for the right advice.

Screen Time For Your Child- Right Amount?

We are not saying that children should not be allowed to use the devices. They should use it because we can’t keep our children away from technology but there should be a proper time for use. Parents should set a particular time in which a child can use the device for controlling the screen time.

You should keep the following points in your mind

• If your child is under 2 years old, then they should not be allowed to use the devices.

• If your child is between 2 to 5 years old, then you should limit their use. They should use the devices for less than one hour per day.

Why is Limiting Screen Time Important?

If your child is always using digital devices, there they are going to miss the opportunity of learning different things in real-time. They are going to miss the interaction with people, enjoying ties with family, and playing outdoors. In short, they are not doing any kind of physical activity and this will lead to other problems:

  • Their body weight will be increased.
  • They will not be able to sleep well.
  • Will not be happy about going to school.
  • They will be aggressive, inattentive, and less able to self-soothe.

Setting Screen Time Limits at Home

If your child is always using digital devices in free time or while studying or eating, then you have to set a limit for him or her. This is important to keep them safe from harmful radiation. Note that it will be easy for parents to control the screen time of their child at a young age in comparison to the older kids. As a family, you should set up some rules and every family member should agree on that and should be able to understand them. You should consider creating a family media plan to guide them on how and when they can use the screen time?

To do this, below are some of the useful tips for you:

  • Parents should act as a good role model. They should also control their screen time so that the child should also follow them.
  • All the family members should turn off their devices during mealtimes, sitting together with family, or while reading.
  • Turn off the screen when no one else is using it.
  • It is best to stop using your devices one hour before bedtime. Don’t let your kid take the devices in their bedroom. If they are using the devices, then this will disturb their sleeping cycle.
  • Children should be encouraged to play outdoors, read, draw instead of spending time on screen.

Right Selection of Videos, Programs, and Apps For Your Children

If possible, parents make screen time activity and watch digital devices with your kids. In this way, parents will find out what their children are looking to ensure that they are watching good quality content:

  • Select age-appropriate, educational, and interactive programs or apps. Encourage your children to use educational apps to have clear learning goals and say them to participate.
  • Ensure that your child watches programs you are familiar with.
  • If your child is using any apps, then you should also use it to ensure that there is no inappropriate content for a child.
  • Say no to commercial and adult entertainment programs.
  • Do check out the viewer’s rating when going to select any program or app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s have a look at answers of some of the frequently asked questions:

1-Won’t my child fall behind if he or she is going to use the digital devices early?

Well, there is no evidence to support that introducing technology early will improve your child’s development. Young children will learn quickly from face to face interaction.

2-Ebooks- a good learning tool?

Learning to read apps and ebooks can help children with language if they are learning and reading collectively. It will help your child to learn new things and improve their knowledge.

3-Is It Fine to use a screen for distracting or keeping your child calm?

Sometimes, a screen will help but if you are continuously using it, then your child will not learn how to self-soothe without it. To know new strategies to calm your kids, you should get in touch with a child’s doctor.

4-What to do when a child may get upset when not allowed to use digital devices?

In today’s world, managing screen time is challenging. Setting limits as a family can really help. Try to encourage your child to do any other activity or say them to play with their toys other than using digital devices.

This is how parents can control the screen time of their younger kids. Moreover, if you are in search of the best parental control app to limit the screen time, then you should download the FamilyTime app today. The app will let parents set time and date. Once the time is over, then the app will be locked. In this way, parents can limit their use. Some other useful features are internet scheduling, app blocker, internet filtering, location history, text message monitoring, SOS/Panic Button, and many more.

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