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4 Ways to Put Your Teens on a ‘Technology Diet’

Have you ever noticed that whether it is the restaurant or the home dining table, families are constantly engaged with their mobile devices? From the teens networking on their smartphones to parents checking emails and messages; we all are surrounded by technology all the time. Today, teens are using technology which is not always healthy. […]

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FamilyTime – The App that can Protect Your Child from Sleep Deprivation

Do you know cell phone radiations could ruin kids’ bedtime? Mostly parents don’t pay attention to this important fact. The use of cell phone in bed could cause reduced sleep, and serious headaches. Moreover, sleep deprivation can cause long-term negative impacts on kids’ cognitive abilities, stress level and their attention and alertness. If your kids […]

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When-“House-Arrest”-Isn’t-Possible-Try-GPS-Phone-Tracker - blog

Parenting Hacks – When “House Arrest” Isn’t Possible Try GPS Phone Tracker

All children love to hang out with friends and have late night fun. There is nothing wrong in it but only if they know how to make wise choices. We can avoid any harmful experience by grounding them in after the evening, and imposing curfews. But it’s possible only before they step in to teen […]

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