A Dad Received $6,593 Bill From Her Daughter’s Mobile Gaming; You Don’t Want That to Happen!

Those numbers are quite a shocker, aren’t they? I know my heart skipped a few beats when I heard this. It is true, a dad was charged with this heavy bill because his daughter accidentally made some purchases while playing Jurassic World. Well, it literally cost him a fortune. Mobile gaming is booming among tweens […]

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Buckle Up For the New School Year – 7 Parenting Tips That Will Take You Through

The lazing around days are over, it’s time to get back to business. I’m sure most of you are back from vacation and now preparing for going back to school. I mean the kids, not the parents! But parents have to prepare as much as the kids. Don’t you think? They have to set their […]

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On Cyberbullying, Teen Depression and the Need of Parental Involvement

Who knew that freedom of speech would be used to convey hate and simple sharing would become a live wire for gossip to spread around. Kids would be traumatized. We don’t want to think about it because either it is too upsetting or we think it can’t happen to us. Well, the bitter reality is […]

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